Monday 01 Sep 2014
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August 2014 Contents: Fun on the Water

From kayaking on our rivers and sailing on the bay to splashing in pools and cracking crabs on the Chesapeake, here's how to make the most of Washington's liquid assets. Edited by Sherry Dalphonse.


Sea Change

Will the luxury mega-development on the Southwest waterfront unmoor the low-key way of life on DC's houseboats? A look inside the "live-aboard" community, just as the cranes rise. By Carol Ross Joynt,

The Spies Next Door

Great espionage stories are hiding in neighborhoods all over Washington. Here's how one writer tracked down the story of the Glomar Explorer, the most ambitious operation in CIA history. By Matt Mendelsohn

The Making and Unmaking of a Power Marriage

When superlobbyists Tony and Heather Podesta landed in divorce court, they had to try to outlobby each other for control of their powerful brand. By Luke Mullins